Does Quantum Leap run on Windows 7 & 8 as well as Windows 10?

Yes, on both 32 bit and 64 bit processors.  Additionally Quantum Leap integrates well with Microsoft Office (Word) 2003, 2007 and 2010 as well as Office 365.

Are there minimum hardware requirements for Quantum Leap?

Yes. Quantum Leap requires a minimum of a 1.8 GHz processor, 2 MB of RAM, a CD Rom Drive, Windows 7 and Microsoft Word 2003 or later. Quantum Leap runs particularly well on Windows 10.

Can I insert pictures into Quantum Leap?

Yes. You can import digital camera pictures or you can scan and import pictures. Because we use MS Word, you will be able to insert the picture wherever you want, at whatever size you want and text will wrap appropriately around the image.

Can I change the font and use what I like?

Yes. You can change fonts permanently or ‘on the fly’ for the entire document or just particular parts of the document that you might want to emphasize. So with Quantum Leap your appraisal reflects your style.

Can I import and use my own logos?

Yes. Since we use MS Word as the publishing medium you can use any file type that Word accepts (and that’s a lot!). The most common file type is JPEG.

What other appraising can I use Quantum Leap for?

You will find the program flexible enough to allow you to appraise antique items and even watches and pearls easily. Because Quantum Leap starts every item with an ‘open’ description area you can always describe the item exactly as you desire, then proceed by describing the intrinsic details of the item using the automated components.

Can I plot in Quantum Leap?

Yes. Quantum Leap has state of the art onscreen plotting. The easy to use plotting feature automatically presents you with the appropriate plot diagram and allows you to pick from a legend of inclusion symbols or draw inclusions yourself. You can purchase Perfect Diagram to extend your choice of plot diagrams (it contains over 300 different plots) and you can insert plots wherever you like in the finished report. In addition, Quantum Leap automatically prints a legend of plotting symbols to accompany the plot in the report. If you have a touchscreen computer you can even plot directly onscreen with your touch ‘pen’.

Can I use a colored gemstone color grading system with Quantum Leap?

Yes. Quantum Leap allows you to use any colored gemstone color grading system you want (including your own) and specifically integrates Colormaster, Colorscan, Gemset and the fully digital Gem eWizard products Gem eSquare and Gem ePro.

Can I create a PDF of the Quantum Leap report?

Yes. Because Quantum Leap uses MS Word as the editor all pdf software is compatible. You can now easily email a copy of the appraisal to your client.