Pricing Structure

  • Single Installation    $1,975
  • Each Additional Workstation at Same Facility $ 350
  • Each Additional Remote Installation (but with the same company)$ 995

Annual Support and Update fees

  • Annual Support & Upgrade Fees (single installation)$ 350
  • Annual Support & Upgrade Fees per additional Workstation $50
  • Annual Support & Upgrade Fees per Remote Installation$50
  • After the first year, you are billed annually for support and all posted updates. The updates are regularly distributed via the internet.

Purchase Policy

If PAS does not exceed your expectation, please  return it within 30 days for a full refund.

Software Installation Procedure

Installation, configuration, and tutorial support are provided over the phone and via remote computer access.

When you order Quantum Leap:

  • We schedule a phone meeting to assist you through installation, configuration and a tutorial. (Generally it takes about 2-3 hours.)
  • When the tutorial is completed, you are ‘up and running’ and ready to appraise with Quantum Leap.
  • Included in your initial purchase is a full year of technical support and all posted updates.

Payment Options

We accept checks, Visa, and MasterCard. Call (619) 265-1140 for details.

Integrated Applications that can enhance your use of Quantum Leap