Release Notes

Date Version Release Notes
2/14/2018 5.00.0093  In late January, unannounced, Microsoft updated Office (think Word) among other things changing the nature of some background functions. One which is of note to QL users changes the way in which Word denotes (actually renames) a doc file after it is edited (adding ‘- Compatibility Mode’ at the end of the file name).  QL saves and reopens your reports as doc files and the change file name prevents the edited version from being opened in QL. To accommodate this change we have had to rewrite lines of code in ~6 QL files.

Additionally, we have noticed that a small number of users computers are occasionally failing to start the QL instance of Microsoft SQL which cascades to a QL start failure. We have written code to check for and accommodate this Micorsoft SQL failure. With this update, when starting, QL will automatically check to see if the SQL instance is running and if not will start it before starting QL.

Both these bug fixes solve Microsoft bugs and go unnoticed in your daily use of QL. Thanks for your support and patience.

There is additional code that will support migration to QL2 when it is released in the future.

1/21/2016 5.00.0050 Implemented renewed 5 year publishing certificate for Quantum Leap

Altered code relating to changes Microsoft has made in newer versions of Word

Altered code dealing with Microsoft issues in the Surface Pro interface

2/22/2015 5.00.0042 Added code to sort the Passwords & Users list.

Fixed a bug that caused the last item in the users list in the config file to remain after deletion of a list entry.

Removed Remote Database Tasks from the Tools menu.

Integrated latest help file topics.

Added code to enable the “Edit/Describe Item” button when opening an existing worksheet if the first member of the sections list is an item section.

Fixed a bug in the plot dialog that caused a crash when adding a symbol while the legend includes list was closed.

Fixed a bug that caused changes to an entry in the text column of an existing picklist to not be saved unless changes were also made to something in another column.

Connected Stuller’s Jewelers Design Guide to the resources menu item.

Added code to force the removal of the two pesky extra carriage returns added by Word after each item body during report creation.

Fixed a bug that caused some component details to be displayed in the report even when they didn’t contain data and the field was set to trim.

Added a logging information window for displaying active debugging information during program execution.

Added World of Color external application for gemstone color identification and grading.

Added a command to the options dialog to reset the Word typelib for cases when Excel whacks it.

Fixed a bug that allowed numeric data in item details to be formatted with a trailing decimal point and no decimal portion of the number.

Added code to try to force Word to the foreground when report creation is finished.

Added the option to not trim item numbers in single item reports.

Added the ability to “pin” drawing operations in the plots dialog.

Changed default line width in drawn plotting symbols to zero in response to a metafile bug introduced in Windows 7.

Added the ability to select plot legend items from the list of symbols that exist in the plot diagram

Added market level to the default initialization for new items

Fixed a bug that allowed the Edit/Describe Item button to be active before an item was selected in the worksheet sections list.

Fixed a bug that could cause item photos to be deleted when the list of photos was reordered.

Fixed and error that caused PAS to close when accessing item images from the valuation dialog.

Added the ability to change the item image display format on a per worksheet basis.

Made further adjustments to image schedule code.

Made an adjustment to the code for inserting images in an image schedule to allow for two images per page in A4 format.

Fixed a bug that prevented the item text from being displayed in the clock dialog during report creation.

Added code to allow Word to be reset for reports that are consuming too many resources

Fixed a bug in graphical option buttons that would cause the rollover highlight not to clear and make it difficult to see which option was selected.

Added Market Level to the valuation dialog for items.

Added Resources toolbar and link for Jewelry Design Guide.

Implemented Report Streams including placeable, alternate description fields for items.

3/04/2014 5.00.0025

Fixed a bug in item details dialog where the “None” button in the date data type calendar would not work in XP or newer OSs.  Removed the button and added code that implements the Delete key to remove an already inserted date.

Added code to the append list to set focus back to the list after the append button is used to append the selected item

Adjusted the arrange prongs dialog to display the rotational value in an up centered manner so that appraisers can wrap their minds around the subject

Implemented workaround in item images for broken drag and drop files issue in Windows Vista and newer OSs

Added the ability to prevent older PAS EXEs from accessing newer databases if there are compatibility issues between the older version and the newer database

Added Metal Content to the valuation dialog references allowing the ability to access an item’s metal content from the valuation dialog

Added the ability to view item photos directly from the worksheet and worksheet update dialogs

Added new GIA plotting symbols and updated the plotting interface including new prong propagation dialog

Added additional column on melee calculator to display mm size

Map Intended Use to Worksheet Template

Fixed a bug to solidify the Type of Value mapping to the current Worksheet

Added Item ID to the item information listed in the Worksheet grid

Changed initial orientation of chevron prong to match all other prongs

Fixed a bug in the user tracking feature

Fixed the bug hiding the Edit button on the Worksheet window

Added code to management reports to allow for the use of hidden key data for list selection criteria

Changed icons in worksheet sections list to indicate when photos are not present in an item record

Added infrastructure to allow tracking of users for worksheets and items

6/24/2013 5.00.0012

Unhooked default photo selection directory from auto launch dialog feature

Added default photo selection directory

Fixed a bug in external associated files when copying an item

Added feature to allow for adding multiple components to an item all in one action

In worksheet folder, added client name to sub client listings

Made the worksheet and item dialogs horizontally sizeable

Made the valuation dialog vertically and horizontally sizeable

Added the option to auto launch the file selection dialog when opening the item images window

Added images to the UK item data export

Added column in worksheet section list to indicate when items have images attached

Added Intended Use to the items set in worksheet templates

Fixed a bug where the intended use in a worksheet wasn’t being transferred to the type of value in items attached to that worksheet

Added feature to items that allows linking to any file for additional notes capability

 4/17/2013  5.00.0007

Adjusted the code that implements Word styles during the report creation process to make sure that any desired styles are added to the report.

Altered the code that unlinks PAS data fields to only unlink fields with field code text that meets the PAS naming pattern.

Added Item ID to the item information displayed for items in the Worksheet sections list.

 4/5/2013  5.00.0005

Implemented code to unlink PAS data fields in created reports

Added code to enter edit mode during all types of report creation (appraisal, management, UK data export) in newer versions of Word

Added code to close the Word clipboard viewer during plot insertion to clear up plot template related errors

Added XML export option to item dialog

Fixed bug in export of item weight in UK item data export

Added “Item” tab in options dialog to accommodate new XML export directory data and redistributed other item related stuff from other tabs to the new tab

Moved the “Help” toolbar button to the far right of the main PAS window

 3/3/2012  5.00.0003

Optimized QL exe and database for better response

Implemented SQL 2012

Merged text in created report, if edited, gets reverted to original merge when doc is printed – Nancy

Added new Guide interface

Added new GemePrice integration for diamonds, colored diamonds, and gemstones

Added the ability to size the append list window

Fixed a bug where T-SQL code for adding indexes that is incompatible with SQL Server 2000 was allowed to run which caused an error
















Added new logo and icons to the exe

Added worksheet ID and item ID fields and made them searchable in the applicable PAS folders

Changed the re-indexing feature to allow the reminder to be set to a period of days rather than each time PAS starts

Cleaned up legacy dialog management code to resolve Z-ordering issues present on some systems

Added the ability to associate images with picklist items

Expanded summary description field in item template table to match client item (100 characters)

Expanded street field in address table to 75 characters

Added additional item values fields (2) and associated descriptors to valuation interface

Added item images button to valuation dialog

Fixed a bug that caused PAS to crash when deleting an item from the items folder

Added code to resize other cost grid in the valuation dialog when horizontal scrollbar is displayed in Windows 7

Removed legacy database update code and now require older databases to be updated with interim PAS version before being accessed with this version or newer of the EXE

Updated PAS commands in Word to use the new Quantum Leap Office ribbon interface

Updated Word templates to be compatible with 64bit Word

Modified Word templates to initially point to the styles template directory when copying styles

Fixed Windows 7 behavior for launching Windows Character Map and Calculator from within PAS

Added a fix for mailing label bug in Word 2007 / 2010

Added re-indexing support to the database tab in options

2/8/2011 4.05.0021 PAS configured to force startup in Administration mode

New Authenticode certificate installed

10/3/2010 4.05.0017 Parsed new Kitco web site address to restore automated metal spot upload

Changed behavior for dependent picklists to allow non-numeric values to be inserted

Added Word styles template tools to the PAS tools menu

Added placeable fields for item number text and report items count text

Added placeable fields for worksheet inspection and valuation dates in short, medium and long formats

Fixed a bug in the field length for the title field for names

Added “Estate of” and “Trust Estate of” to the list of prefixes for use in estate appraisals where sub clients are in play

Added the client’s name to the dialog caption for sub-clients

Fixed a bug that caused some merge fields to fail to update when placed in headers, footers or tables

Fixed bugs in static inserts where the code failed to recognize a missing bookmark and incorrect bookmarks for limiting repete inserts caused errors in the report creation process

Adjusted the point at which created report documents are presented to the user to allow for any final adjustments and insertions before the user can interact with the Word window

Fixed some bugs in worksheet updates that prevented item copying in some instances

Added reference for default styles template to the MS Word tab in the options dialog

Added code to copy Word styles from the default styles template into new files created for glossary, works consulted and appendix

Fixed bugs in the document data and image date external applications that caused referenced files to fail on rendering if they weren’t in the external applications data directory

Fixed bugs in the document data and image data external applications that prevented multiple component details of the same type from being edited without restarting PAS in between

04/05/2010 4.05.0008 Added the ability to manually set the SQL server client type for database connections

Extended the length of the title field for names to 30 characters and added “Conservatorship of” and “Guardianship of” to the list of prefixes for use in estate appraisals where sub clients are in play

Added a menu command to the PAS word templates to allow copying of styles from a selected word template

Added a report addition feature that allows for the insertion of the content from selected word documents into reports at locations designated by word bookmarks during the report creation process

Fixed a bug in the remote connection code for remote database synchronization that prevented upgrading the connection for newer versions of SQL Server

Added the ability to view a list of items in a worksheet from the list of worksheets in the worksheet update interface

Added the ability to add multiple new item sections to a worksheet in a single operation

Added code to address the problem of headers and footers not appearing in the created report on some Word installations

Added an option to sort worksheet numbers numerically instead of as text

Expanded the item Summary Description field to accept 100 characters

Added an option to open the database backup utility each time PAS is closed

Added enhancements to the PAS clock to force messages that were hidden to the front of the display

Added the ability to select items for update in the worksheet dialog

Added more robust error handling in the code that validates user input in the item characteristics dialog

01/08/2010 4.05.0001 Fixed a bug that caused PAS to crash the first time database information was saved in the options dialog

Added placeable fields for report metal spot exchange rate and item metal spot exchange rate

Added new placeable field for single/plural text values based upon the number of items in a report

10/29/2009 4.05.0000 Added support for the Gem ePrice external pricing application

Added support for inserting scanned reports at the detail level allowing for placement thereof anywhere in the finished report document

Added support for inserting images at the detail level allowing for placement thereof anywhere in the finished report document

Added support for inserting additional word documents at the detail level allowing for placement thereof anywhere in the finished report document

Refined positioning of plots

Added the ability to set rotation for plot images

Added the option to set metal spot date and prices to the current worksheet values when an item is copied

Added further enhancements to the word styles template feature

Changed data for plot diagrams to accommodate different root directories for plots

Added a right click delete menu to the sections list in the worksheet

Fixed a bug in the code for finding glossary entries when the “no glossary” attribute is present

Implemented the new code signing certificate for macro code in the PAS Word templates

Added a workaround for a bug in the Vista dropdown calendar

Fixed a bug that was causing imported components to not properly set the valuation specific detail items

Modified the word styles template feature to be worksheet template centric allowing individual worksheet templates to implement different styles based upon the selected styles template

Fixed a bug in management reports that occurred when using the “Clear Parameters” button

Added the ability to edit picklists and pickcharts on the fly from within the item characteristics dialog (click on the ellipse in the far right column)

Added more robust error handling in the code that validates user input in the item characteristics dialog

09/16/2008 4.02.0039 Added the ability to save and restore the last used server and directory information in the data import and export dialog (Tools, Management, Remote Database Tasks)

Added code to force Word to display itself correctly on Vista OS after a PAS report has been created

Added a Word styles template reference for better Word styles management during report creation (see Tools, Options, MS Word tab)

Integrated the new online Guide pricing application (at last!)

Refined copy item procedure to better handle copying existing item photos and associating them with the item copy

04/14/2008 4.02.0035 Added code to facilitate tight integration with external libraries for custom formatting during report creation

Added method for excluding text in a report from being included in a glossary search

Added an option to insert watermarks for PDF documents into created reports

Fixed a bug in editing picklist values that was preventing changes from being saved

Added a message that asks whether or not to update the inspection date when copying an item

Altered the way in which internet connectivity is evaluated to accommodate some dialup modem users

Added further functionality to the subclient interface when in worksheets

Added palladium to the metal spot prices

Fixed a bug that caused a beep to sound whenever focus was shifted away from the price/unit field in the valuation dialog

Added code to make sure focus is set to the edit field when a notes dialog opens

Refined the code in the valuation dialog that deals with allowing the insertion of negative values in markup fields

Added the ability to customize the text used in PDF watermarks

Added code to address the issue reported wherein PAS would occasionally revert overridden formulas back to the default value in item details

Added code to limit the number of characters in macro hotkeys to one

Fixed a bug in picklists that would cause PAS to crash when an item in the dependent pick list column was double clicked

12/17/2007 4.02.0030 Fixed a bug in the options dialog code for retrieving database port information that occurred when connecting to SQL Server 2005 instances

Fixed a bug in the SQL Server login information dialog that caused the SQL Server authentication information fields to be disabled even when NT Authentication was not checked

Added SQL Server version information to the server section of the database tab in the options dialog

Added a better method for editing long text strings in the picklist interface

08-20-2007 4.02.0028 Added checks for database and log file size when PAS starts

Added the ability to enter decimal numbers for item image size

Added code to address laptop video driver bugs that effect redrawing of lists when they are scrolled

Added the ability to insert macros into edit fields in the item characteristics dialog

Added “Internet” as a choice for referrer under “Advertisement” selections in the client dialog

Added “Worksheet Number” field to visible fields for a worksheet in simple mode

Fixed a bug that prevented non-admin users from accessing the options dialog

Adjusted the gem list in the valuation dialog to allow keyboard tabbing throughout the editable columns

Changed the behavior of the macro dialog to appear at it’s last screen position rather than relative to the field that is currently in focus

Added an application data folder location for Vista compatibility

05-14-2007 4.02.0022 Fixed bug wherein use of Gem eSquare would cause PAS to close (at last we tracked that one down!).

Fixed a bug in validation of the estate tab in the client and sub client dialogs that formerly would require a name to be entered if the category was changed between business and private

Added more descriptive information to error messages related to failed database actions

Added code to work around a Microsoft bug in Word that can cause an error on report creation when word overrides the order to close a section document without saving changes

Fixed a bug in the options dialog that caused a crash when it was closed

Added an hourglass indicator during data retrieval in management reports

04-04-2007 4.02.0018 Added control over the size of images that are added to the item bodyFixed a bug that would corrupt portions of the configuration file on some systems when changing a user’s name within PASFixed a bug that prevented manually adding custom plot legend itemsFixed a bug that caused the last item in the item templates list to not be displayed when the list was viewed from the item dialogUpdated the metal spot price URL to reflect changes made by Kitco to their web site’s organization
03-16-2007 4.02.0015 Fixed a bug that caused the pricing tools in the valuation dialog to fail to insert a price when accessed from the “Pricing” buttonRevised the tab orders in the client name and append list dialogsFixed a bug that caused the item valuation date field to include the time in the formatted dateFixed a bug that caused preset plot margins to be ignored and allowed for the distortion of plot imagesFixed a bug that caused PAS to crash when accessing the notes dialog from various places within the applicationFixed a bug that caused setting line widths greater than one in the plot dialog to have no effect
02-22-2007 4.02.0012 Reworked the entire PAS graphic interface (GUI) to Vista standards.

Help system brought up to date with new features and completely rewritten for Vista compatibility.

Added code to make sure at least some of the columns in any grid are visible to avoid inadvertent hiding of all columns if they are all sized to zero width

Fixed a bug in picklists where adding an item with the same name as another item in the list would cause an error

Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the copy item dialog to appear behind the item dialog

Added the ability to change the background color of the main PAS window

Fixed a bug that prevented launching the Windows XP default image editing application

Fixed a bug in the options dialog that occurred when connecting to a different SQL Server instance

Changed the way image editing applications are called to accommodate Microsoft’s non-standard default XP image editing application

Fixed a bug that caused the grid information in a worksheet to not be updated completely when assigning an existing item from the dropdown list

Reworked adding item images to reports so that they will be initially placed in a more organized fashion

Added support for a separate image schedule for item images when creating reports

Added a dialog to manage access to the PAS support web page including the ability to save the password for private website access (see Jan on this)

Added code to save the order of columns in various lists when a dialog is closed and then restore the saved order the next time the list is displayed (thanks for the suggestion Nancy Stacy)

Added a warning in the copy item process when the tax rate of the item being copied differs from the default tax rate set in the options dialog (thanks for the suggestion Paul Cassarino)

Added the ability to set the external application associated files folder path to the multiple profiles dialog

Added the ability to size the item dialog (vertical)

Added code to automatically update any Word table of contents (TOC) fields as one of the final steps in the PAS report creation process (thanks Nancy Stacy)

Added the ability to automatically add a glossary at the desired location within a report document during the PAS report creation process

Added the ability to place a bookmark for the insertion point of both Appendix and Works Consulted lists and added a reminder when the bookmark is present to create each if they have not yet been added when a report is closed

Added the ability to insert an Appendix or Works Consulted list at the selection point (carrot) within a report

Added code to automatically update any Word table of contents (TOC) fields when an Appendix or Works Consulted list is added to a report

Added a warning when a worksheet is being closed before a report that was created from that worksheet is closed to insure that the report has been saved in order to preserve the link between the report and the worksheet (thanks Steve Brown)

Changed the various calendars throughout the application to the standard Windows calendar to provide greater flexibility in selecting dates

Improved the Worksheet window layout.

01-02-2007 4.02.0002 Extends the expiration date on the digital certificate that the PAS
templates require to interface with MS Word. Please read instructions accompanying this update.
08-07-2006 4.02.0001 Fixed a bug in importing components containing external application data types

Fixed a bug in user information dialog that would not display a user’s status unless they were an admin user

Added support for rendering images in reports by external applications such as OGI.

Added drivers for OGI and Opal Smart Chart

01-29-2006 4.01.0082 Changed tab order in append list dialog to make keyboard navigation easier

Fixed a bug that affected saving client and subclient insurance info where new info would not be saved if an item was selected from the agency list

Fixed some issues with referrer dialog that in some cases would not save changes

Added right click menu support to fields in referrer dialog

Fixed a bug in advertising referral tracking

Added a display name field to the user information dialog to allow users to enter the name to be displayed in the PAS application title

Adds the ability to display the SQL Server name and database name in the PAS application title

Changed phone number formats to allow for numbers that contain leading zeros

Fixed the query used for bulk delete to return records for clients that don’t have worksheet or item data entered

Fixed a bug in the item images dialog where some invalid files were not properly identified and removed from the file list upon opening

Fixed a bug that caused PAS to crash when editing some picklist items

Made changes to the code that reads the plot diagram list to improve startup speed

Fixed a bug that prevented saving changes in Options dialogue

01-07-2006 4.01.0080 Added the ability to map Item Valuation ‘Type Of Value’ field to Worksheet ‘Intended Use’ field (see Tools, Options, General Tab, Map Type of Value to Intended Use button)

Fixed a bug that caused the Append List to not honor a formatting default of horizontal in some cases

Added “Worksheet Completed” checkbox to the Worksheet window and corresponding yes/no column to the Worksheet Folder

Added the ability to hide a variety of list items that are no longer in use but need to be maintained in the database to maintain integrity with previous existing data (see Tools, Management, Set Hidden List Items)

Extended the “Value” field lengths in Pick Lists and Pick Charts to accommodate longer formulas in preparation for release of refined gem weight calculation formulas.

10-27-2005 4.01.0078 Added saving and restoring column sizes for the various lists throughout the application

Fixed the problem of “Prong” legend text not printing in the report document

Added “Bring To Front”, “Move To Back” and “Rotate” to the right click menu for plot symbols in the plot dialog

Added the ability to select and close the Referred By list in the client dialog using the enter key

Added the ability to select items in an append list using the enter key

Added the ability to access the client associated with a Worksheet from within the Worksheet Folder

Added the ability to use negative values in the Additional Cost list in the Valuation dialog

07-21-2005 4.01.0077 Fixed bug that allowed non-numeric text to be entered for numeric only seed file values

Changed database date formatting to encompass more international formatting styles

Fixed bug that would cause extremely long dropdown lists in the item details dialog to disappear before they could be clicked

Fixed bug that caused the mouse to stop responding when the keyboard was used to select a date from the dropdown calendar

02-13-2005 4.01.0075 Fixed bug that would cause extremely long dropdown lists in the item details dialog to disappear before they could be clicked

Fixed bug that caused the mouse to stop responding when the keyboard was used to select a date from the dropdown calendar

02-01-2005 4.01.0074 Fixed a bug pertaining to overridden formulas in the component – details dialog

Added support for inserting signature graphics into compiled reports

12-01-2004 4.01.0073 Added a limit to the amount of text allowed in the append list dialog that matches the maximum field length in the PAS database

Added the current profile to the titlebar of the main PAS window when multiple profiles are in use

Updated the code in the Metal Spot utility to adjust to the changes made by Kitco on their Spot Price web page

11-08-2004 4.01.0072 Fixed a bug in the date filter code that appeared when using the “copy existing item” functionality within an itemFixed a bug that caused a loop condition when the maximum data length is exceeded in the melee calculatorFixed a bug that caused the default sales tax rate to not be properly initialized in for new itemsFixed the copy existing item function to include plot legend itemsFixed horizontal append list formatting to properly include commasAdded a check for needed support libraries to the PAS SQL Server management utilities helper applicationAdded more descriptive labeling in the MDV list associated fields dialog in a component
09-16-2004 4.01.0071 This is a duplicate of 4.01.0070 which appeared to be a poor compile.
09-11-2004 4.01.0070 Changed position of buttons in the initial login window to allow access for those who have their screen resolution set to non-standard settings

Removed check for DCOM at PAS startup

09-08-2004 4.01.0059 Fixed a bug in searching the client list while typing in a worksheet where the search function would stop searching after 3 characters were typed

Added code to enable the Edit/Describe Item button after a valid client is selected when the sections list already has an item section selected

Fixed a bug in formatting for append list data in components that would leave the formatting key “&HFF” when no data was present for the detail

Fixed a bug in changing components from one type to another within the components list in the item dialog

06-29-2004 4.01.0058 Fixed a bug in date filters that caused saving filter information to fail

Fixed a bug that caused a failure in creating a new worksheet when there was no seed file data present for intended use and inspection location

06-28-2004 4.01.0057 Added a secondary splitter to the external app associated fields dialog in the component to allow the associated field lists to be expanded horizontally

Added a default worksheet template feature that will fill in each new worksheet with the default template sections when a default template is present

Added the ability to launch PAS from another application passing client and item data to automatically create a new worksheet

Fixed a bug in the Value Rounding Range feature allowing changes to the fields to be saved.

06-22-04 4.01.0055 Fixed a bug that didn’t identify when a plot template file was missing during the report creation process

Fixed a bug that occurred when merging data for components when a table is present in the component document

Updated data collision handling throughout the application

Added metal spot date to metal pricing

Added setting for default append list directional formatting

Added seed file backing for the Inspection Location field on the Worksheet

Added creation/management interface for easier manipulation of seed file data

Added option to require confirmation before deleting or changing components in the Item window

Added referrers folder to allow for easier management of referrers

Added interface to manage the referrer hot list

Added total diamond weight calculation to components and valuation dialog

Added seed file backing for the tax rate field in the valuation dialog

Added multiple new placeable fields for referrer information

Added new placeable field for Inspection Location

Added new placeable field for Intended Use

Added new placeable fields for report metal spot date and item metal spot date

Added new placeable field for Total Diamond Weight in items

Added MRA (Most Recently Accessed) feature to the client folder

Added MRA Time Period field in the options dialog to control the behavior of the MRA feature in the client folder

Added automated metal spot price updating using values from

Fixed some minor bugs relating to column positioning when searching the various lists throughout the application

Fixed a bug that could cause an existing plot diagram data file to be deleted when changing the plots folder to a different location.

Fixed a bug in the plot diagrams dialog that caused the initial plot selection to fail to display

Added double click select to the arrange prongs feature in the plotting dialog

Added a workaround for a bug in Microsoft Outlook that caused an error loading Outlook with a PDF attachment when quotation marks were included around the attachment file path

In the Item Characteristics dialog, when you select the “Plot” characteristic, it now shows a drop arrow to indicate there is something “more”

Added more robust error handling for melee calculator in item characteristics dialog

Fixed default picklist item ordering problem

Added value rounding ranges for values displayed in the item valuation dialog

Added access to all seed files in the options dialog

Added code to automatically handle re-ordering of associated field indexes when moving or deleting details in a component

Added code to automatically size seed file backed lists to the longest item and height of the entire list.

Added a “check” mark on the photos button on the Item window to indicate when images are associated with an item

05-09-04 4.01.0050 Added support for default items in picklists and valuelists

Made the timer dialog accessible from modal dialogs within PAS

Added support to the timer feature to enable saving the current elapsed time for retrieval the next time the timer is started

Fixed a bug in the code to remember the size of the main PAS window between sessions

Added total of item values to worksheet dialog

Added total of item values column to the worksheet folder dialog

Fixed a bug in export and import code for components containing multi dependent value lists

Added new external application data type to components to enable interface with external applications on the component level

Added communication interface for the Gem eWizard color grading application

Fixed a bug in item related fields for reports with more than one item

Added support for associated fields in external application data type calls


04-13-04 4.01.0044 Changed the custom color choice interface in the plot dialog to retain custom color choices between calls

Updated help integration throughout PAS

Added link on the Help menu to the Quantum Leap discussion groups (BBS)

Added the ability to launch the Character Map application from the Resources menu as well as to the popup menu for edit fields (thanks Mona)

Added a timer for tracking elapsed time spent on appraisals (thanks Karen)

03-11-2004 4.01.0042 Made the Component dialog sizeable

Added hotkey support for plot drawing tools

Added Surface Grain Line plotting symbol to default symbol list and legend

03-04-2004 4.01.0041 Added “Go To QLSS Website…” item to the Help menu

Added database and log file size information to the Database tab in the Options dialog

Fixed bug in Item Characteristics dialog wherein error would occur in Diamond Melee component when a value not found in the shape & cut picklist was entered

02-21-2004 4.01.0040 Added option to always save image data in report documents

Added check to see if folder paths are accessible upon PAS start up. Useful in network situations when something in the network has changed or is disconnected.Added color choice and arrow drawing tool to plot dialog

Adjusted keyboard navigation in melee calculator

Fixed rounding in melee calculator related fields

This version of PAS now contains code that will automatically check the QLSS website for PAS updates. If you wish to disable this feature, go to Tools –> Options and on the General tab, uncheck the “Check for PAS Updates” checkbox.

Made item images dialog remember its last size

Added valuation total to item section line in worksheet sections list

01-27-2004 4.01.0038 Fixed a bug that didn’t force a default user selection when the “Logon Required” option was unchecked in the options dialog.

Fixed a bug in rendering plots in reports in some MS Word installations.

Fixed a bug that caused unwanted exit of PAS when deleting the last plot listed in the Diagrams column on the Plot Diagrams window.

Expanded Dictionary choice (i.e. US or UK) to include View Item Data screen.

01-03-2004 4.01.0035 Implements date centric group deletion of clients and their associated records (data) allowing for user implementation of archiving schemes.

Changes the report email feature to use the PDF document format in conjunction with users selection of PDF document creation tool. For PDF creation tool options, click here.

12-02-2003 4.01.0033 Adds check for version numbers of critical dependant files.

Changes ‘Valuation’ date tag on Client and Sub-Client Estate dialogue to ‘Effective Date’.

Adds following prompt: If an Effective date has been set on the Client/Estate tab upon returning to the Worksheet the user will be asked if they would like the Valuation date to coincide.

Updates error return information regarding SQL Utilities.

Clears error message regarding Help text when importing an existing component into PAS.

Clears report generation error caused by possible different picture import format settings in MS Word.

Update to Tools option allowing for the selection of SQL connection data for Pricing and Other Tools.

Revised ‘Save Pictures in Document’ feature found in created reports (and used as a first step when attaching reports that include digital images to an email).

11-18-2003 4.01.0032 Allows expansion of all folders (i.e. Worksheet folder) for viewing of more rows.

Changes the pointer for Plot drawing tools from a crosshair to a pen.

11-17-2003 n/a NOTE: If you have already installed and are running PAS 4.01, this does not affect you. This update was required for those users upgrading to 4.01 who renamed their database.

This MDV_List update file now adds the ability to designate the SQL database to be updated.

11-10-2003 4.01.0031 A bug (flashing list) in the new expanded picklist drop down is repaired.
11-03-2003 4.01.0030 Expands the picklist drop down menus to help avoid scrolling.

Widens the ‘contact’ zone for right clicking on symbols or prongs when plotting.

Added the ability to export individual plot symbols to file so that they can later be imported as custom symbols

10-20-2003 4.01.0028 Fixes the ability to delete photo files listed on the Item Images window.

Enlarged the buffer for selecting multiple files when associating plot files in the plot Diagram window.

Improved the ability to change the default symbols in the Manage Legend List window (plotting). A user can now copy a symbol from the plot window and then paste it into the legend list. Probably most useful for prongs.

Adds the ‘Abort’ text back on the Abort button create report clock.

10-14-2003 4.01.0025 Fixes plot bug when no separator was present between legend and legend symbol.

Fixes no plot template function buttons when opening Diamond Plot Template in Word.

Fixes the Plot error when reopening a saved plot multiple times.

Fixed the line remove field bug that caused an extra line with the comments field in the Item section.

Fixes the Static Text data type so that it works.Improves the line ‘smoothness’ (in the printed report) for plots done using the onscreen plotting utility.

09-23-2003 4.01.0022 Delete words from appendix bug is fixed

A new “Connection Timeout” function has been added to the database tab of the options dialog to assist with alterations of large databases.

Also, a fix for the melee calculator showing more places to the right of the decimal point.

Backup notification upon exiting of PAS has been added with the time control on the database options tab.Export of components has been improved

09-11-2003 4.01.0020 Includes new SQL Utilities including backup and restore
08-20-2003 4.01.0019 Fixes a bug in the melee calculator when entering weight that is not on the drop down picklist
08-03-2003 4.01.0018 Adds find and replace functionality in multi dependant value list; adds delete plot function; adds Auto-propagation for prongs when plotting
07-03-2003 4.01.0014 Corrected the 16 bit OS plot association bug
07-03-2003 4.01.0012 Corrected plot refresh for MS-OS ’98 and ME.
07-02-2003 4.01.0011 Corrected gemstone melee drop down menu concatenation error.
06-23-2003 4.01 Version 4.01At last here is Onscreen Plotting at it’s best. This upgrade will install the necessary code to activate the feature but you must follow the accompanying plotting upgrade instructions to get plotting working properly on your computer.

The Melee Calculator will ease all the number crunching in your head and it’s underlying multi dependant value list offers those PAS power users a tool you’ve been looking for (you know who you are).

And for users outside the States you can now designate the Word Dictionary of your choice (Neil – you know who you are as well).

And lots of little stuff we can’t even remember anymore.

03-18-2003 4.00.0050 Added the ability to edit the user name and credentials as well as the password.

Fixed the Item Inspection date merge field.

Fixed merge fields for Insurance Underwriter, Agency and Agent.

Enhanced the SQL Management Utility for shrinking the log file should this not occur properly during the normal backup procedure provided by Microsoft.

01-24-2003 4.00.0044 Update features include:1. Extended sub-sort by first name in the Name drop down list on the Worksheet, 2. Embedded image feature in the Report facilitating attaching an appraisal to an email, and 3. Shrink Transaction Log file feature in the Manage SQL feature set
12-09-2002 4.00.0041 Update features include:1. Ability to change the User Name and Credentials along with the Password; 2. Fixed the Item Inspection date merge field; 3. Fixed merge fields for Insurance Underwriter, Agency and Agent; and 4. Enhanced SQL Management Utility for shrinking the log file should this not occur properly during the normal backup procedure provided by Microsoft.
08-28-2002 4.00.0039 Fixes a problem in Win 98/ME where some valid paths were tagged as being network paths.
08-13-2002 4.00.0038 Adds support for popup filters for lists. The first (and currently only) one implemented is for the copy item list in the item dialog.
06-14-2002 4.00.0037 Adds code to check Glossary status when upgrading from V.3.x.Fixes ‘Read Only’ bug on Component export feature.
04-11-2002 4.00.0033 Fixes a bug when accessing data from items for a worksheet.
04-04-2002 4.00.0032 Adds an Abort button to the Create Report window and .restores functionality to the Gem Properties feature lost during the early installations of Version 4 PAS. You will also need to download and install the three files posted on the Update page under Gem Properties (instructions provided there). This upgrade need only be done if your initial install was prior to V.4.00.0032 (approximate distribution date of 3/25/02). The order of download and installation is not important.
03-25-2002 4.00.0030 Oops! This repairs an error in the newly expanded Components and Referrers lists full view enhancement (see release notes for 4.00.0027). The last entry on the list(s) was disappearing… no longer.
03-11-2002 4.00.0027 Expanded the Components and Referrers lists to full view when open

Fixed the initial install settings for the Glossary, Works Consulted, and Appendix

Changed the screen location where The Guide and Rapaport grids are displayed on the Valuation window

Stopped Word XP from displaying each merge step when creating reports

Resets the PAS2002 path to the PAS help system

03-05-2002 4.00.0024 Fixes a customer item accessing bug, extends the viewing of the component drop down list to include all components (yea – no more scrolling!), and adds the automated ability to export created reports including the bonding of digital photographs in the report (look on the report folder for the Email report button).