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Our Appraisal Software is

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"QL2 for me is more than just a formatted appraisal application, it's customized software that suits my practice and the way I appraise."

Teri Brossmer, GG(GIA), ASA, ARM-GJ
Master Gemologist Appraiser®

Customize Your Appraisals!

Letter - Legal - Trifolds - Creditcards - Labels


At QLSS our entire focus is on supporting YOU! The QL2 appraisal software platform is so flexible that we are able to accomodate almost ANY customisation in your report documents! Our goal is to provide customized appraisal report documents for YOU that require ZERO content editing!


We engineer and deliver technology solutions for the Jewelry Appraisal industry that drive business value and reduce costs, thus improving our subscribers' bottom line.

"I cannot express how nice it is to be able to create an 88 item appraisal with such ease and not have to spend a day editing!"

Tracy Aros, G.G., A.S.A., N.A.J.A.
Master Gemologist Appraiser®
Artabella Jewelry Appraisals

About QLSS


Quantum Leap Software Solutions (QLSS) began its evolution in 1978.  Thom Underwood, was a partner in a jewelry manufacturing/showroom business at the time and had just founded the jewelry appraisal company San Diego Gemological Laboratory in San Diego, California.  Seeking to streamline the time consuming appraisal process, Thom looked towards computerization resulting in QLSS’s Professional Appraisal Software (PAS).

PAS for DOS was first released to the market at the 1987 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show.  In 1993, with yet another breakthrough for jewelry appraisers, QLSS released its first Windows version of PAS.  Over the ensuing decades, PAS remained at the forefront of jewelry appraisal technology with features that provided unprecedented flexibility and stability for jewelry appraisers from around the globe.

In 2011 Michael Inkpen, FGA, became our UK distributor, providing marketing and full time support for PAS users on the other side of the “pond”.

In 2015, after much study of the changing technological landscape, QLSS embarked upon the journey of a complete rewrite that fully embraces the future of computing in the 21st century for yet another “Q”uantum “L”eap in jewelry appraisal software — QL2.  Indeed, in this new millennium QL2 runs in your browser and implements the latest and best technology continuing to streamline the production of jewelry appraisals for the discriminating jeweler and independent appraiser.

"I'm thoroughly impressed with the software and feel it can help appraisers both independent and those in the various appraisal organizations meet their reporting standards, improve their product offerings, and be more professional than the one- and two-page pieces of scrap paper that often pass as an appraisal."

Joel Hassler, GG, ICGA
Von Hasle Jewelry Advisers
AGS Certified Gemologist Appraiser - Instructor

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